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Nina Dobrynina - Kids and Animals: Art Exibit at Moscow's Darwin Museum

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Kids and Animals: Art Exibit at Moscow's Darwin Museum

or can a 2-year-old kid paint a bullfinch?

(Following the exhibition "Kids and pets" at Darwin Museum, Moscow)


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26 September 2010

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Make sure that it's possible, here is an illustration above showing the children's art. The picture, that is far from usual children's scribbles, was drawn by Dima Markushin aged 2. It's fantastic that such a toddler can express a real bird, wind and cold, thus filling the picture with emotions.


This and other 100 paintings are presented at the exhibition "Kids and pets" (Darwin Museum in Moscow) on the occasion of the International Children's Day. The participants - children from several educational organizations of Moscow region are of different age from 2 to 15. Their works of art prove the highly talented vision of the surroundings and at the same time the fortitude, as all the participants are orphans and handicapped children.


How skilled and loving must be the teachers who have developed the representational drawing skills and the level of coordination in their naive but watchful students, and encouraged the children to start drawing animals and wildlife. Some boarding schools, centers of social support and public organizations arranged the pre-exhibition work and display with the support of the museum staff. 

This morning I heard a boy shouting at his peer in the street, "Don't break the tree! It's alive!" Here the environmentalist starts! So, should we remember about this gift of our children to notice beauty and wonders of the world around, to share its pain and sufferings, to take responsibility of its welfare, to protect it having neither power nor money?


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